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The founding fathers began crafting this great nation centuries ago by putting forth the controversial idea of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” for all citizens. Since that point in time, the men and women of this great nation have expanded upon those principles and made this land a real democracy where bravery and freedom flourishes. The only problem is that the constant expansion of the population has lead to more government, more regulation, and an overall redefining of those inalienable rights. For example, the first social security number (SSN) was created around 1936 and has been used as a type of identity for every citizen of the nation. However, those numbers have caused a series of problems, which include privacy invasion, identity theft (for the living as well as the dead), and discrimination. As a result of this, congressmen, celebrities, and tens of millions of men and women have taken advantage of Title 5 section 7 of Publication Law 93-579 of the “Government Organization and Employees Act,” which promises every citizen a free credit privacy number (CPN). So you try to find answers on how to get a CPN number for free.

SSN, CPN, & the Constitution – An unusual combination:

Clearly, social security numbers were not meant to infringe or interfere with the rights put forth by our founding fathers. Try telling this to a celebrity that is being followed by the media because of their SSN or try explaining this to a hard working individual who discovers someone stole their number and used it for Machiavellian purposes. They will not find too much constitutionality in the number they were given at birth. This is why they turn to the credit privacy number (CPN) and once again restore their identity. The first step to answering the previous question is first to define what a CPN is, its original purpose, and the unlawful aspects that have gone hand-in-hand with CPN numbers for decades.

The CPN is a 9-digit number that resembles an SSN and used the “…same algorithm as an SSN number.” The original intent of these numbers involved protecting the privacy of those in power, but that original plan has now shifted to the general public because of the unbelievably large amount of scams that use this number in an unlawful way. Think about everything that requires a social security number and the association of that SSN number with your personal credit profile. The two are for the most part identical. A bank will use a social security number to pull up your original credit profile. The question that you might be asking is “what would happen if you gave them your CPN rather than your SSN?” Well, that is a very logical question that essentially answers the original question.

Illegal vs. Legal – Freedom vs. Fraud:

A real CPN number that is free will come from the internal revenue service (IRS) and will serve as an alternative method of identification and privacy. Giving the bank this number for a loan would be okay because it would be linked to you. However, millions of men and women choose to purchase a CPN number for a rather high price, which is when the law and constitutionality of a person’s actions are called into question. A CPN number that is purchased by outside groups or organizations will likely be a fabricated number that does not match your profile, or it will be a recycled SSN number that belonged to a dead person. Giving the bank that number is indeed illegal because the credit profile associated with it is fabricated some way. For more information and clarity on this topic visit

A True Democracy – “By the people, for the people…”

The main thing that comes into play when attempting to get a CPN number is morality. Trying to use a CPN number associated with another person for financial help is identify theft and an overall fraudulent practice. On the other hand, trying to restore the inalienable rights put forth by the founding fathers is undoubtedly legal. It would be a good idea to do more research on this topic from reputable sources such as cpn Remember, the government that was envisioned by our founding fathers was “By the people, for the people…” This is why SSN numbers came to fruition and why CPN numbers came to fruition. It also explains why a legal CPN number is free.


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